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Gwydyr Hotel Terms and Conditions- Updated June 2020


1.1 You can make a Booking by giving your credit/debit card details or other accepted payment methods. For payments made by a credit or charge card, an administration fee of 2.0% will be applied. No charge is made for settlement by debit card.
1.2 Gwydyr Hotel accepts payment by most major credit/debit cards and cash. Cheques are not accepted
1.3 Customers paying with cash are required to provide identification on check-in. Acceptable forms of ID is: current driving licence, ID card, passport, or police warrant card.
1.4 Packages and Offers must be paid in full at time of Booking.

2.1 Prices are normally quoted per room per night and are usually inclusive of VAT at the current rate. Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to amend the price should the VAT rate change.
2.2 Other services including meals and any food and beverages are not included in the per room price unless otherwise stated.
2.3 Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to review its prices from time to time. Prices will vary by room size, room type, season, day of week and/or promotions. You will pay the price quoted at the time of the Booking.
2.4 Advance Purchase Rates are not refundable or transferable and cannot be altered. Rates are subject to availability. Full payment is required at time of booking or during check in. Your credit/debit card will be charged immediately for the entire stay. Your credit/debit card will be charged immediately for the entire stay.

3.1 Rooms are usually available any time after 15.00 on the date of arrival. Please let us know if you are likely to arrive after 23.00

3.2 Your room will need to be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure. A later checkout time may be arranged subject to availability and the payment of an additional fee.
3.2 Bedroom upgrades may be possible, subject to availability. These may carry an additional payment.

4.1 Gwydyr Hotel operate a strict “No Smoking” policy within the buildings and bedrooms. If it is discovered that the Client (and/or his guests or children) has smoked within the premises they will be charged £100 for professional cleaning and/or the replacement of any linens, fabrics and floor coverings in the polluted areas, we will charge a card we have on file to recover costs.
4.2 Although Gwydyr Hotel will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your personal requirements, all rooms are subject to availability.
4.3 With the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are allowed in our Hotels or their grounds.
4.4 Reservations for rooms are non-transferable and must not, under any circumstances, be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party.

5.1 Cancellation at Gwydyr Hotel must be made in writing at least seven days before the arrival date. Cancellation charges may apply.
5.2 If you cancel a Stay less than seven days before the arrival date and have not already paid in advance or if you fail to arrive, you will be charged for accommodation per room booked.
5.3 Cancellation of Bookings of more than 4 rooms require notification in writing at least seven days in advance. Cancellation charges may apply.
5.4 Bookings made within seven days of the arrival date are non-refundable and are subject to the cancellation terms.

6.1 Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to postpone, amend or cancel any Booking and reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation and/or facilities without any responsibility on its part in the unfortunate circumstances of:
6.1.1 An event or occurrence beyond the reasonable control of Gwydyr Hotel which is likely to prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with the Booking or any other event or matter, which, in the opinion of Gwydyr Hotel necessitates the cancellation for commercial, operational or financial reasons.
6.1.2 The Hotel becoming unsuitable, unsafe to access and/or unavailable to hold the Booking due to a Force Majeure event or unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather and/or sea conditions; safety and/or technical issues.
6.1.3 A change of ownership or control of Gwydyr Hotel
6.2 In the unfortunate case of a cancellation or termination by Gwydyr Hotel as set out above, Gwydyr Hotel will notify the Client as soon as practically possible and will arrange for the refund of any deposits paid but shall have no other obligation or liability to the Client.
6.3 Whilst Gwydyr Hotel has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in its official and third party or agent’s websites, brochures, tariffs, leaflets and advertising is correct, it reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw any service, facility or amenity as previously described without notice. Gwydyr Hotel cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in any published material or online media.

7.1 Gwydyr Hotel runs periodic promotions and competitions on various media sources including websites, social media and direct marketing. All entrants must be UK resident, aged over 18, not employed by Gwydyr Hotel (applies also to immediate family members) or connected to or employed by any agencies directly contracted to or employed by either Gwydyr Hotel or the competition. Details of how to enter will be included in the competition or promotion along with the entry and expiry dates. Specific conditions may apply and will be included in the competition details. Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to vary or withdraw the prizes at any time and the decision on choosing the winner is final. Gwydyr Hotel Terms and Conditions for Functions, Weddings, Corporate Events and Hotel Accommodation shall apply to the competition or promotion and to the winners and any of their Guests.

8.1 Gwydyr Hotel has its own “House Rules” (a code of conduct for clients) and these shall be available online or at the Hotel upon request. Clients are recommended to be aware of these rules as they contain useful and important information about the Hotel. The Client shall be responsible for their own orderly conduct and that of their guests. The Client shall indemnify Gwydyr Hotel against any and all claims or losses or expenses including but not limited to reasonable legal and professional fees or damages arising as a result of any breach of this agreement.
8.2 Should a Client (and/or his guests or children) act in an improper or disorderly way or refuse to comply with the reasonable requests of Gwydyr Hotel staff, Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to terminate the Booking and to require the Client to depart the Hotel forthwith. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded. The decision of Gwydyr Hotel senior representative at the Hotel shall be final in this regard.
8.3 Only Food and Beverage purchased from the Hotel may be consumed in the public areas of the hotel. If Food and Beverage is brought into the Hotel public areas by the Client for consumption, a charge shall be made equal to the Hotel’s selling price for that or an equivalent product(s). Gwydyr Hotel also reserves the right to charge a 10% service charge on all Food and Beverage ordered and consumed at the Hotel in public areas.
8.4 Gwydyr Hotel cannot guarantee the temperature of any particular room(s).
8.5 Gwydyr Hotel is not responsible for any travel arrangements or for the transportation of a Client to the Hotel unless specified and confirmed in writing. Car parking is available at the Hotel but is subject to availability and operated on a strictly first come, first used basis.
8.6 Except to the extent that the law stipulates otherwise, Gwydyr Hotel shall accept no liability to the Client for any inconvenience, injury or loss and damage caused to any person or property at the Hotel. The Hotel shall not be responsible for the security of possessions, vehicles or property. These are brought to the Hotel at the entire risk of the Client (or their guest(s)).
8.7 The Client shall be held liable for any loss, breakages or damage to the Hotel and/or its contents or for injury to anyone including another Client or guest of the Hotel, the staff and/or contractors arising as a consequence of this Booking.
8.8 We regret that, due to the historic and unique nature of our Hotel, it may also be difficult and/or unsafe for wheelchairs, and less able people to access all areas. Clients and their guests should discuss their individual requirements at the time of Booking.
8.9 Clients and their guests must accept full responsibility for the behaviour and safety of their children staying at the Hotel.
8.10 The Client and/or their guests or children must show due consideration to other people staying at the Hotel and to the inhabitants of nearby and neighbouring properties and keep noise to a minimum, particularly late at night and in the early morning.
8.11 The breach of any one of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a breach of the entire agreement between the Client and Gwydyr Hotel and each clause shall be jointly and severally enforceable.
8.12 Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to charge for any lost or damaged keys, remote controls and/or another equipment, furniture and furnishings provided for the guests reasonable use in the bedrooms.
8.13 It is recommended that the Client purchases cancellation insurance.
8.14 Participation of any sporting or leisure pursuits/activities, either held at or organised by the Hotel, is entirely at the Clients and/or their Guests risk, the Hotel or its staff cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, losses or illness however caused.
8.15 Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to carry out maintenance, refurbishment and redecoration works at the Hotel, which may result in the facilities and/or parts of the Hotel not being available. Further, the appearance or decoration of the Hotel booked is subject to change. Gwydyr Hotel will try to minimise the impact of any such works. The Client will not be entitled to cancel or refute the Booking as a consequence of these works.
8.16 Not all facilities are available at all times. Certain rooms, facilities and equipment may only be available at set times or they could be out of order or being serviced/maintained. However, most equipment and facilities are usually available at regular times.8.17 The Venue operates a strict “No Smoking” policy. Clients are expected to respect and adhere to this at all times and, in particular, in the accommodation.
8.18 The Venue must be respected and cooking is not permitted in bedrooms; furniture, fixtures or facilities may not be rearranged; items emitting obnoxious odours may not be brought in; excessive quantities of goods or products may not be brought in; and excessive noise or offensive behaviour is not permitted.
8.19 Gwydyr Hotel staff and contractors working at the Venue are entitled to be treated with dignity, politeness and respect by the Client, their Delegates (including any children) and the Client’s representatives at all times. Any physical or verbal abuse or aggressive or violent conduct will not be tolerated. Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to remove individuals from the Venue whose behaviour, conduct or language fall below acceptable standards or to withdraw services or facilities or to terminate the Event.
8.20 With the exception of dogs, no other pets are allowed at the Venue

8.21 Gwydyr Hotel reserves the right to collect and process the personal data from the Client and the Delegates for the purposes of marketing and promotional activities some data is collected via the WIFI system in the hotel.
8.22 In the public areas of the Venue, CCTV may be in operation and video recordings may be made. This activity is carried out for security and for operational reasons and for the safety of the Delegates.

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