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Afternoon Tea at Gwydyr Hotel

We take pride in our reputation for offering a sumptuous afternoon tea experience that exudes luxury.

Delight in a delectable array of sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and freshly baked scones, all served in the elegant and spacious dining room or cocktail lounge adorned with traditional furnishings and exquisite decor.

Our tea selection is as varied as it is exceptional, featuring classics like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Chai, while our sandwich choices range from the delightful notes of smoked salmon to the classic pairings of cucumber and egg and cress. Complementing these delicacies are an array of irresistible cakes, pastries, and scones, accompanied by a tempting assortment of jams and clotted cream.

Whether you seek an indulgent solo treat or a delightful gathering with loved ones, our afternoon tea promises relaxation and culinary pleasure.

As you relish each flavorful bite and sip your preferred tea, consider enhancing your experience with a glass of Prosecco, Gin, or a handcrafted cocktail – the perfect touch to elevate your afternoon tea to a truly memorable occasion.

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Book an Afternoon Tea

For all afternoon tea bookings 24 hours' notice must be given. Please complete the below form or call to place a booking.

To Book Afternoon Tea at The Gwydyr Hotel, Please complete the below form. Please Note 24 hours notice must be given for all bookings.

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